Jul 042016


In a Behind the Pop first, we’re doing a re-review! Sort of! That’s right, the film that we hated as much as we humanly could, we’re re-reviewing. This week, it’s Behind the Pop versus Batman versus Superman in a no holds barred match! Does the director’s cut improve the film that we¬† described as abysmal, or does it fall in to all the same pit traps? Listen to find out! After that, Bill and Bryant go in to the director’s mind and choose their top 5 Director’s Cuts! Leave us a review on iTunes for your chance to win a $20 Amazon Gift Card!

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  4 Responses to “Episode 38 – Batman V Superman: The Ultimate Cut/Top 5 Director’s Cuts”

  1. Berlin is in Germany you idiot

    • Just a bit confused on what you’re referencing. I don’t remember us making mention of Berlin in this episode…but if we did state something contrary to the truth then it was a brain fart and consider it noted!

  2. However, for those that loved the film, I think the Ultimate Edition will be a welcome and appreciated addition and for those that didn t, I think this could assuage some of their disappointment with it. And for many, I m sure this cut will make no difference at all of their opinion.