Nov 072016
Episode 11 - Girl Meets World of Terror!

In a very spooky edition of 2 Dudes Meet Girl Meets World, your hosts, Dan and Bryant, scare themselves silly talking about three spooky tales that take place in the world of Girl Meets World! Warning: This Podcast is not for children, this is two friends obviously having fun being ridiculous and over analytical of […]

Oct 252016
Episode 10 - Girl Meets Crazy Hat!

That’s right, we’re back! Sooooooo, soooo sorry for the delay, we were not trying to Pod Fade, but it has been an insane 5 weeks of sickness and schedules, but we’re officially back! And in this weeks episode we’re talking CRAZY HATS and MUFFINS MADE OF SUGAR! So, oh please oh please, won’t you join […]

Sep 142016
Episode 9 - Girl Meets 1961!

This week, your hosts travel back to 1961 in a very groovy episode of 2 Dudes Meet Girl Meets World! How well does the Disney sequel deal with time travel? Do they jump in to the rebellious 60’s with beat style or does the cast flounder in a flashback meltdown! Listen to find out! Also, […]

Sep 082016
Episode 8 - Girl Meets Smackle!

This week, your hosts of the ever growing, ever strange 2 Dudes Meet Girl Meets World try to figure out what exactly a Smackle is. No, not smack…Smackle! Does Farkle finally have an apt intellectual rival? Or is it….duh duh duh….love? How does Greek Mythology fit in to this weeks episode? And is beauty really […]

Aug 192016
Episode 7 - Girl Meets Maya's Mother!

  This week, your hosts of 2 Dudes Meet Girl Meets World get introduced to Maya’s mother on a very confused episode of Girl Meets World! So, is the introduction to Katy Hart worth the build up? Or does it come in just a tad short of the promise of a new, interesting character? Tune […]

Aug 192016
Episode 6 - Girl Meets Popular!

Warning: For some reason, Bryant’s mic is slightly higher than normal, apologies for some of the crackle! This week on 2 Dudes Meet Girl Meets World, your friends, Dan and Bryant, are talking popularity! That’s right, this week, we’re having an existential crisis in regards to our own status…not! No, of course not, because this […]

Aug 042016
Episode 5 - Girl Meets the Truth!

This week, on 2 Dudes Meet Girl Meets World, we discuss the most debated concept in history: truth! What is truth? How do we define a truth? When is it okay to betray the truth? And for crying out loud, what does Girl Meets World tell us about THE TRUTH? You’ll just have to tune […]

Jul 282016
EP 4 - Girl Meets Father!

It’s time for episode 4 of 2 Dudes Meet Girl Meets World! And this week, we’re all about fatherhood! Does Girl Meets World continue the tradition of the first three episodes and wow your hosts, or does this one fall just a bit flat? Do your hosts learn how to get along with their own […]

Jul 212016
EP 3 - Girl Meets Sneak Attack!

It’s the third episode, we made it! And in this heart pounding episode of Two Dudes Meet Girl Meets World we’re talking about…Pearl Harbor? That’s right! How does Corey’s history lesson on the “day will live in infamy” tie in to a throw down between two middle schoolers! I guess you’ll have to find out […]

Jul 212016
EP 2 - Girl Meets Boy!

In the second episode of Two Dudes Meet Girl Meets World, we discuss Riley falling in love and trying to find her place in a growing generation of technology addicted teens! In this episode, we finally find structure in our own ramblings, and overall try to unravel the enigma of Girl Meets World! Warning: This […]

Jul 212016
EP 1 - Girl Meets World!

It’s the PILOT! That’s right, you’re joining us, Dan and Bryant for the launching of our newest spin off of Behind the Pop: Two Dudes Meet Girl Meets World! Join us week by week as we discuss the sequel series to the popular 90’s television show: Boy Meets World! In the first episode, we discuss […]