Aug 162017

  Here at Behind the Pop we don’t write much anymore. We used to do movie reviews and various other side pieces, but as interest waned so did our drive. So now, we like to deliver our opinions solely via audio. We also don’t usually like to get political, there are other podcasts that are much better equipped […]

May 252016
We're Taking Some Time Off!

I firmly believe that rest is best! Well, in this case, we at Behind the Pop are taking a few weeks off to rejuvenate and reinvigorate the show! We will return on  June 18th, 2016 with all new episodes, a new theme song, and possibly a new format! Woohoo! Seriously though, thank you for all […]

Apr 202016
Can Bill Beat Hercules in a Fist Fight?

  By Bill Nelson Well, folks, it’s Tuesday again. You know what that means, right? This week we’re going to take a look at one of last summer’s attempts at a blockbuster hit. I’m surprised that Brett Ratner hasn’t already ended up on Bad Movie Tuesday after the affront that was X-­Men: The Last Stand, […]

Mar 242016
Marinara Review Pt. 1 - Texas, Adios - 1966

  It’s been a while since I’ve done a Retro Review, and I want to apologize. I get busy, as we all do, and I don’t always find the time to fit everything I want to see in to my schedule. Luckily, I was able to fit this awesome Spaghetti Western in to my daily […]

Mar 152016
Join Bill as he Fights of Zombeavers!

  By: Bill Nelson Hey sports fans…wait, that’s not right. Oh well, it’s time for another exciting romp into the refuse bin of cinema. Today we’re looking at a flick that if you found it DOR (dead on road) and fricasseed it just right you might almost have the beginnings of a decent movie. Of […]

Mar 102016
Retro Review - Charley Varrick!

By: Bryant Daniels You hear the phrase, “they just don’t make ’em like they used to,” being tossed around constantly. It’s a bane to be honest. Just because something isn’t what it used to be doesn’t make it any less. Culture shifts, attitudes change, people grow. However (yes there is a “however”), when it comes to […]

Mar 052016
Spine 3 - The Lady Vanishes

  By: Bryant Daniels If The Lady Vanishes had taken its original course and been directed by Roy William Nell instead of Alfred Hitchcock it would have been a very different movie. Not that there’s anything wrong with Roy William Nell, after all, he was the man that brought us Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman. I […]

Mar 042016
Retro Review - Forbidden Zone

By: Bryant Daniels I’ve seen a lot of bizarre movies in my time. Stuff that no one should be made to suffer through, well, at least no sane person. Myself, I’m attracted to the strange. The more unique, the better. Whether it’s the good versus evil narrative of The Visitor or the ever present Eraserhead, […]

Feb 262016
Retro Review - Friday the 13th

  By: Bryant Daniels Okay…okay, I have seen every Nightmare on Elm Street and every Halloween film, even part 3 (the one produced sans Michael Myers), but, to be honest, I had (until recently…which is why I’m writing this) had only seen Friday the 13th part 8 (Manhattan if you’re keeping a tally) and Jason […]

Feb 202016
Criterion Quick Hit - "Bed and Board" - 1970

By: Bryant Daniels So, here we are again, it’s that time of the week where I watch a Criterion pick and give you my thoughts. No matter how many times I try and explore other directors, there is one constant that I consistently come back to: Francois Truffaut, particularly his films following the life of […]

Feb 192016
Retro Review - Logan's Run

  By: Bryant Daniels In 1976 director Michael Anderson released what Roger Ebert would call a “vast, silly extravaganza” while The New York Times exclaimed the same film to be “less interested in logic than in gadgets and spectacle”, that divisive film was Logan’s Run, and 36 years later it continues to split audiences and critics […]

Feb 152016
Spine 2 - Seven Samurai

By: Bryant Daniels Akira Kurosawa was a genius. There’s no doubting that. Look at his output and contribution to film making. Whether it is providing a style totally unique at the time, or a comment on a changing society; Akira Kurosawa influenced everybody from George Lucas to Martin Scorsese. In fact, these two film makers […]

Feb 112016
Retro Review - Alien

  By: Bryant Daniels Another Thursday, another throwback Thursday, and that can only mean one thing…it’s time for a retro review! The 1970’s were a strange, coherent rebellion in film making. Instead of the happy endings of the 50’s and mid 60’s, the late 60’s and 70’s in American film sang the songs of gritty […]

Feb 052016
Spine 1 - La Grande Illusion

By: Bryant Daniels The idea of reviewing the Criterion Collection by spine numbers, is a daunting task. It’s just not that these films are generally complicated viewing endeavors, or that the collection is large enough to pack a walk in closet; although all of this was considered before I started my journey, the ultimate yoke […]