Jul 212016

Photo via http://www.springfieldspringfield.co.uk/view-screencap.php?tv-show=girl-meets-world-2014&image=s01e03_4

It’s the third episode, we made it! And in this heart pounding episode of Two Dudes Meet Girl Meets World we’re talking about…Pearl Harbor? That’s right! How does Corey’s history lesson on the “day will live in infamy” tie in to a throw down between two middle schoolers! I guess you’ll have to find out by tuning in! Don’t forget to rate us on the iTunes! Seriously, just leave a star rating…it’s not that difficult!

Warning: This Podcast is not for children, this is two friends obviously having fun being ridiculous and over analytical of a family sitcom, and while we do make good points, we ask you to relax and have fun.

Intro Music Courtesy of https://mathgrant.bandcamp.com/track/space-blocks as provided under the Creative Commons License: Attribution, NonCommercial, Sharealike – If this Podcast were to reach commercial status, this theme would be replaced.

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