Feb 152016


In part two of our three part Addams Family series we discuss the television show and all of its sequels, repeats, re-imaginings, and video games! It’s getting weird in here, and we’re okay with that. We also tell you why The Addams Family was superior to its competitor The Munsters. First, in our BS20, we give our younger audience some recommendations for older movies and TV shows that still hold up to today!

Intro Music Courtesy of https://mathgrant.bandcamp.com/track/space-blocks as provided under the Creative Commons License: Attribution, NonCommercial, Sharealike – If this Podcast were to reach commercial status, this theme would be replaced.

Edit: Okay guys and gals, I’ve fixed it the best I could and figured out the problem so it won’t happen again! Thanks for your patience in dealing with my idiocy!

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