Aug 162017



Here at Behind the Pop we don’t write much anymore. We used to do movie reviews and various other side pieces, but as interest waned so did our drive. So now, we like to deliver our opinions solely via audio. We also don’t usually like to get political, there are other podcasts that are much better equipped for such discussions. However, certain things have happened in our nation in the last few months, and now we are left with an atrocious display of White Supremacist rage, and a president who refuses to admonish them.

First off, when did opinions on Nazis become divisive? This was always an easy subject. Nazis bad. Remember? The people who were protesting the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue were not the best representation of America, yet, we have people defending their position days after they committed an act of domestic terrorism. Men, wait, excuse me, petulant children, took to the streets with torches and were screaming racial epithets and proclaiming to the world that they would not be replaced by Jews. Somewhere along the way, these jackholes got it stuck in their brain that they have an actual problem. So what did they do? They decided to take up the cause of the man who forever ruined the Charlie Chaplin mustache. They decided that the world would be a better place if anyone who wasn’t an Anglo-Saxon Protestant was either dead or locked in a cage.

Let’s think about this for a moment. They have looked in the mirror and said to themselves, “Yep, I’m the perfect specimen and all other things that are not like me need to die.” And our president has an issue condemning this behavior. If that doesn’t scare you or make you nervous, we honestly don’t know what will. In fact, instead of condemnation, he chooses to disperse blame. Now, we here at Behind the Pop do not condone violence as a resolution for anything, and we certainly do not agree with attacking someone just because they don’t hold the same beliefs as you. However, as facts roll out, it is becoming clear that the Domestic Terrorist groups that were present, such as the KKK, were responsible for instigating the violence. Calling for some type of equitable share is absolutely ridiculous and disgusting. Mr. Trump, you should be ashamed of yourself.

However, the real reason we’re putting this out there is to let you know that we at Behind the Pop stand against racism. We stand with our brothers and sisters of every creed, religion, and color. There is no excuse for hatred in today’s society. A society where you literally have access to thousands and thousands of historical texts in which you can choose to educate yourself with.  So, fuck hate. Fuck ignorance. Fuck violence. And to quote the Dead Kennedy’s: “Nazi Punks! Nazi Punks! Nazi Punks! Fuck Off.”


Much Love,

Behind the Pop


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